slow cooker shredded beef with craft beer

Slow Cooker Shredded Beef with Craft Beer

    Some people use the slow cookers twice a year while others use the snazzy little appliance weekly. I fall somewhere in between. I have a few recipes that I like using my slow cooker for but I don't use it every week. It does come in handy when I'm short on time and want to be able to eat well. This recipe for … [Read More...]

beer and bacon cheese ball

Beer and Bacon Cheese Ball

Every year without fail, holiday gatherings end up with everyone hanging out in the kitchen - grazing, drinking and chatting. So I try to make dishes that are … [Read More...]

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Pale Ale Pasta

Pale Ale Pasta

Pasta. I could eat it every single day forever. The boxed stuff, fresh from the farmers market, and even frozen - I'll … [Read More...]

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